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Minutes of Meetings of KVS State Association of BS&G

KendriyaVidyalayaSangathan, Regional Office
Govt. Hospital Road, Gandhinagar, Jammu
Website: kvsjammu.org Email: eojammukvs@yahoo.in
Asstt. Comm. Email: jammuackvs@yahoo.in
Ph.no.01912430968, 2453528
F.240353/2011-KVS(JR)/BS&G                          Dated :-27.02.2012
The Principal
All KendriyaVidyalayas
Under Jammu Region.
Sub: Forwarding Minutes of Meeting of the Executive Committee of Div. Association of BS&G, KVS State, Jammu Division -2012.
Sir/ Madam,
Please find enclosed herewith the minutes of Meeting of the Executive Committee of Div. Association of BS&G, KVS State, Jammu Division held on 24.02.2012 at KV No.1, Jammu.
This is for your information and necessary action.
Yours faithfully,
(P. K. Koul)
Deputy Commissioner &
Encl: As above. Divisional Commissioner BS&G
KendriyaVidyalayaSangathan, Regional Office
Govt. Hospital Road, Gandhinagar, Jammu
Ph.no. 01912430968/ 2453528
F.240353/2011‐KVS(JR)/BS&G/ Dated :‐27.02.2011
Minutes of Meeting of the Executive Committee of Divisional Association of BS&G,
A meeting of the Executive Committee of Divisional Association of BS&G, KVS State, Jammu Division was held on 24.02.2012 under the Chairmanship of Sh. P.K.Koul, Divisional Commissioner, BS&G, KVS, Jammu Division & Deputy Commissioner, KVS (JR).
The following members attended the meeting :
1.       Sh.SomiSrivastav, Assistant Commissioner , KVS (JR).
2.       Sh. A.S. Gill, Principal, K.V. No.1, Jalandhar.
3.       Smt. SushmaThapar, Principal K.V.Bantalab.
4.       Dr.(Smt.) JaswantMinhas, Principal K.V.No.2, Jalandhar.
5.       Smt. S. Dogra, Principal, K.V. Samba.
6.       Smt. UshaShamender, Principal, K.V. Sunjuwan.
7.       Sh. Jang S. Verman, TGT(Art Edu.) K.V. No.1, Jammu.
8.       Smt. NimiKoul, PRT, K.V. Nagrota.
9.       SmtAnjuJamwal, PRT, K V Bantalab.
10.   Smt. ReenaVerma, TGT (Hindi), K.V.No.2, Jammu.
11.   Sh. Sanjay Nagar, PRT (Music), K V Miran Sahib.
12.   Sh. Raju, UDC, KVS (RO), Jammu.

On the very outset, Sh. SomitSrivastav, Dy. Divisional Commissioner, BS&G, extended welcome to the members of the Executive Committee.
The following agenda items were discussed and approved by the committee:‐
Item No.1: Receipt and Expenditure Statement of Regional Scouts/ Guides Fund
Sh. Raju, Treasurer, presented the receipts and payments account of the Regional Scouts & Guides Fund for the year 2011‐12 (upto 31.01.2012). The same was approved.
Item No.2 : Re‐Constitution of Divisional Association of BS&G
The committee approved the reconstitution of the Association at Divisional and District levels of BS&G, KVS Jammu Division. It will work till further modifications. (See ANNEXURE– II).
Item No.3 :Promotion of Scout/ Guide/Cub/ Bulbul Activities
a) It was decided that one unit per section for Scout/Guide/Cub/Bulbul should be formed in every Vidyalaya. It was emphasized that scouting/ guiding movement needs motivation for achieving results in quality and performance.
b) The Registration of Scouts/Guides wings should be completed at Vidyalaya level by 20th July, 2012.The registration forms duly filled should reach the District Commissioners concerned by 30th July,2012. After countersigning the same by the District Commissioners as well as District Secretary, the District Commissioners will send the forms to KVS(RO) latest by 16th August, 2012. The same will be sent to KVS (HQ) by 31st August, 2012.
Individual Registration Fee @ Rs.2/‐ for Cub / Bulbul, Rs.6/‐ for Scout/ Guide and Rs.12/‐ per head for adults is to be paid by the individuals registered.
Group Registration Fee of Rs. 250/‐ each will be paid out of VVN of the Vidyalaya for Scouts’ Wing (Scouts & Cubs) and Guides’ Wing (Guides & Bulbuls) separately.
The Demand Draft prepared for the both wings separately, should be drawn in favour of
KVS BHARAT SCOUTS & GUIDES FUND, payable at JAMMU. The DDs should not be prepared in any case, in favour of Regional Office or District Commissioner etc.
(Copy of the Registration Form is enclosed in ANNEXURE ‐ III)
c) Registration Forms for Prime Minister Shield Competition duly filled (without Registration Fee) should be sent to the Assistant Commissioner KVS (JR) by 30th April, 2012. The Registration Fee will be made by the Regional office out of the Regional Scouts & Guides Fund only.It was emphasized that further improvement is needed in respect of participation in Prime Minister Shield Competition as well as Rashtrapati Scout/ Guide Award Tests. These activities need special attention in future.
( Copy of the form is enclosed in ANNEXURE ‐ IV) .
d) All KVs will send the details of the Cubs, Bulbuls, Scouts and Guides Registered/ Cub‐Masters,Flock Leaders, Scout‐Masters and Guide Captains Registered to the respective Distt. Commissioners(S/G) by 16th July, 2012 and the copy of the same be sent to the Distt. Chief Commissioners concerned.
Name of the KV

Number of Registered
Number of RajatPankh
Number of SwarnPankh
Number of PrathamSopan
Number of DwityaSopan
Number of TrityaSopan
Number of RajyaPuaskar
Number of Rashtrapati

Details of the CM/FL/SM/GC
Date of Birth
Qualification in Academics/
Scouting & Guiding
Cub Masters (CM)
Flock Leaders(FL)
Scout Masters(SM)
Guide Captains(GC)

Sig. of I/C Scout Wing                                    Sig. of I/C Guide Wing                                                                                   Sig.of Principal
e) All the Scouts/ Guides participating in the RashtrapatiPuraskar Test should be given a complete set of uniform out of VVN of the Vidyalaya. (vide KVS letter No. F.15‐ 16/2005/ KVS(Acad)/ BS&G dated 03.10.2005)
f) The students should be given refreshment@ Rs. 10/‐ per meeting per week.
g) Every Vidyalaya will have a Scout / Guide Corner in the Campus and should be used for the activity.
h) Every KV should put up at conveniently accessible place, a DISPLAY BOARD,with the information regarding –Activities under Scouting/Guiding; Advancementof Scouts/ Guides/ Cubs/ Bulbuls and Scouters/ Guides and Requirements; Incentives/ Benfits of achievements etc to give proper guidnce to masses and motivation to students and parents to undertake such activities.
It was decided that the inspecting team will ensure that display boards are put up in the Vidyalayas.
i) Every Vidyalaya will have Colour Party in proper dress. They should be properly trained in drill and other formal reception actions. They should receive guests/ inspectors on special occasions
j) Every Vidyalaya should train its Scouts /Guides / Cubs / Bulbuls in Drill. An expert / trainer / ex‐service man can be engaged for it, during a holiday.
k) The KVs may engage retired LTs/ ALTs/ Scout Masters/ Guide Captains to impart training if there is no trained person in the Vidyalaya. He/ She should be paid honorarium out of VVN at the rate prevailing at the time of engagement. (vide KVS letter NO. F.110353 /11/2008 /KVS (Acad)/ BS&G dated 02.09.2008)
l) The scheme that all the expenditure incurred on conduct of Cluster/ Regional or higher level scout/ guide activities be made out of Regional Scouts & Guides Fund will further continue. The activities will include camps, courses, rallies, utsav, testing camps etc. The expenditure will include D.A. for the period of reporting to departure of the students at the venue, plus misc. expenditure related to conduct of the activity.
m) The scouts/ guides/ cubs/ bulbuls will now be entitled to travel by 3‐tier A.C. class. (vide KVS letter No. F.11016/1/2009‐KVS(HQ)/ Acad. dated 14.01.2010)
Item No. 4. Incentives to Scouters/ Guiders*
(*Scouter/Guider is the general term used for any adult working at any rank in the movement)
a) All the trained Scouters/ guiders running Scout Troop, Guide Company, Cub Pack or Bulbul Flock are entitled for a Uniform Subsidy @ Rs.5000/ every year out of Regional Scouts/ Guides Fund with the RO. It should be ensured that they wear the uniform once a week and on other important days as well as celebrations, particularly during inspection. This facility should be withdrawn if the scouter/ guider does not comply with it. The applications in this regard should be forwarded through the Principal of the KVs as per requirements circulated earlier by KVS(JR). The final decision to make payments will be made after getting clarification of the KVS (HQ) on this matter.
b) An honorarium @ R.2000/‐ will be paid to an LOC and Rs. 1500/‐ to each assisting staff for conducting a course (out of Regional Fund). (vide letter No. F.110353/11/2008‐KVS (Acad)/ BS&G dated 02.09.2008).
LOCs can be engaged from other Regions/ State of BS&G, if they are not available in the Region.
c) A set of five books on scouting/guiding, like‐Scouting for Boys, APRO‐I, II, III, Aids to Scout‐mastership/ Guide Captains, Pragati Ki Aur, Games Galore etc. shall be given during Basic Training Course. The literature to be given to the members of Advanced Training Courses will be decided by the LOCs of the courses. These books will be given to all members of the courses, including trainers.
d) From this session onwards it will be mandatory for all staff members to participate in the programmes and trainings in scouting/ guiding.
It was decided that advancement of the scouters and guiders should be organized this year also. The following training course programmes were approved:
1.      General Infiomation Course for Scout Masters: 15th May, 2012
2.      Basic Training Course for Scout Masters: 16th – 22nd May, 2012
3.      Basic Training Course for Guide Captains: 16th – 22nd May, 2012

1.      Basic Training Course for Cub Masters: 16th – 22nd May, 2012
2.      Basic Training Course for Flock Leaders: 16th – 22nd May, 2012
Venue for these Courses: (1) K.V. NAGROTA for NORTH and CENTRE Districts
(2) K V BHANALA for EAST and SOUTH Districts

1.      Advanced Training Course for Scout Masters: During Winter Break.
2.      Advanced Training Course for Guide Captains: During Winter Break. .
Venue for these Courses: K.V. SUNJUWAN (Jammu)
(Separate letter will be circulated in this regard.)

e) KVS (HQ) has approved that awards at Vidyalaya/ Cluster/District/ Division /State/National level will be given to the deserving scouters/ guiders according to their performance and contribution in the field. (See ANNEXURE‐V)
Item No. 5: Calendar of Activities and Celebrations
Calendar of activities for the year 2011‐12 was discussed and the following items were approved:
�.                Parvesh Tests should be conducted during the month of July, andPratham/ DwityaSopan Test will be held at Vidyalaya level by 15th Feb every year. The list of the same is to be submitted to the DISTRICT COMMISSIONERS concerned by 28th February, every year.
�.                TrityaSopan Test is to be held District-wise w.e.f. 9th to 12th April2012, as per the details given below:
DISTRICT‐North GUIDES: K.V. No‐1, Srinaga SCOUTS: K.V. No‐2, Srinagar
DISTRICT‐Centre GUIDES: K.V. Bantalab SCOUTS: K.V. Miran Sahib
DISTRICT‐South GUIDES: K.V. Suranussi SCOUTS: K.V. No‐2, Adampur
DISTRICT‐East GUIDES: K.V. No. 2 Pathankot SCOUTS: K.V.Bhanala

Number of Participants: Upto 2 Section KVs : 12 Participants;
Upto 4 Section KVs : 16 Participants.
(Reporting on 9th April, 2012 (A/N) and Relieving on 12th April,2012 (F/N).
c) Pre‐Rajya/RajyaPuraskar/ Pre‐RashtrapatiPuraskar Camps etc. will be scheduled according to the schedule to be issued for these tests by the KVS (HQ).
d) Divisional Rally will be held at K V‐1, Jalandhar prior to RajyaPuraskar Testing Camp.(Separate letter will be circulated)
e) Cub/Bulbul Utsav will be celebrated at Cluster Level on 22nd February every year to commemorate the birthday of Lord Baden Powell, the founder of the movement.
‐ A scarf, a woggle and a certificate of participation should be given to all the participants of the Utsav.
‐ No. of participants: Single Section KVs = 24 Students; Two or more Section KVs=48 students.
‐ In no case the students shall travel more than 20 KM to attend the Utsav.
‐ In such cases the remaining Vidyalayas will collaborate with the neighbouring
Vidyalayas within limits or celebrate it independently. There will be no restriction on the number of registered cub/ bulbul participants in such cases.
‐50% DA(Rs. 100/‐) will be spent on their food and refreshments. All the expenditure will be made out of VVN by the Vidyalaya where the activity is being conducted and the expenditure
incurred on the conduct of this activity is to be re‐ imbursed from the KVS Regional Fund of BS&G against original bills/ vouchers etc..
‐ The venues will be decided by the concerned Cluster Heads.
Thinking Day will also be celebrated at Vidyalaya Level on 22nd February, every year.
‐Reports and photographs on both activities – (e) and (d) along with photographs should be sent to the Regional Office by 30th March every year, for publication in the News Letter of KVS(JR) on the activities of BS&G in the region. The material should also be sent to Bharat Scouts & Guided (NHQ), New Delhi for publication in the bulletin of the organization.
(For celebration of various Days, see ANNEXURE– VI)
Item No. 6: Publication/ Literature on Scouting/ Guiding
a) Every Vidyalaya should have enough printed material for scouting/guiding activities. The same may be acquired from NHQ, BS&G or State HQ BS&G in the area.
The periodicals on scouting/guiding should be a part of the library. It was emphasized that the events and celebration of the Vidyalayas should be recorded/ publicized properly and the report of these should be sent to the concerned Distt. Commissioners KVS(JR) and to BS&G,,NHQ, New Delhi.etc..
b) It was decided that KVS(JR)will procure and send to all its KVs two sets of books like, Scouting for Boys, APRO‐I,II,III and Test cards. The expenditure on these will be made out of Regional Scouts/ Guides Fund.
c) KVS(RO) will publish a News‐letter by 30thApril,2012 in which the achievements and details of scouting/ guiding activities of its KVs will be included. Dr. Chitra Mishra, Principal KV No.1, Gandhinagar, Jammu will be the Editor for this publication. Sh Jang S. VermanTGT(AE) and Smt.ReenaVerma will be the members of the Editorial Board for this publication. All the KVs as well as Scouters and Guiders are expected to contribute for this publication. They should send the articles, reports on activities conducted at KV or higher level along with related photographs to Dr.(Smt.) Chitra Mishra, so as to reach her by 15th April, 2012.
d) Orientation of Principals as District Chief Commissioners and District Commissioners will be organized for at Regional Officeon 6th April 2012. (separate letter will be issued)
e) All KV’s should ensure that KV level information about registration of Scouts, Cubs, Guides and Bulbuls as well as the qualification of trainedScout Masters, Guide Captains, Cub Masters, and Flock Leaders working (or otherwise) in the Vidyalaya should be available on Vidyalaya’swebsite. It should also be insured that the list of prospective candidates for attending basic, advance or any other course in scouting/guiding should be displayed on the Vidyalaya’s website.
Item No. 7: Other Points with the Permission of the Chair
Some other points were also raised on this occasion and approved.
�.                It was observed with happy note that:
‐KVS Jammu Region was assigned to represent KVS State of BS&G in the National Integration Camp 2011 where the performance of the participants was appreciated.
‐ Ms. Rita Mehta,ALT(G)& PGT KV No.3, Amritsar has been appointed as Assistant State Training Commissioner (ASTC) –(G), KVS State Association of BS&G, New Delhi (hence no lower Rank in the Association has been assigned to her)
-The long and dedicated services of Smt.(Dr.) JaswantMinhas, Divisional Organizing Commissioner & Principal KV 2 Jalandhar and Smt. SushmaThapar, District Chief Commissioner & Principal KV Bantalab, who will be attaining superannuation during 2012, were appreciated.
-The Chair appreciated the steps taken to uplift the standard of scouting/guiding and performance at Local, Regional, State and National Level.

‐ The Chair appreciated the efforts made by all concerned to make successful the conduct of Basic and Advanced Training Courses for Scout Masters and Guide Captions at KV No.1, Chamera; TrityaSopan Tests at KV No.1 Udhampur, and Nagrota; Divisional Rally at KV No.2 Jalandhar; Pre‐RajyaPuraskar Testing Camp at KV No 3 Pathankot as well as RajyaPuraskar Testing camp at KVChandiMandir.

b) New WARRANT NUMBERS will be issued to all the scouters and guiders during the session 2012‐13.All the Scouters/ Guiders andDistrict/Divisional Association Members working at different ranks and scouters/guiders working in Local Units shall submit applicationsalong with 2 passport size photographs in uniform, to the Regional Office through proper channel so as to reach their applications at RO by June 30, 2012.
c) The District Commissioners who are not trained will undergo Distt. Commissioners’ Basic Training Course, whenever the same is conducted by NTC Pachmarhi.
d) It was resolved that the untrained scouters/guiders maybe attached as Assistants with the trained teachers to run the Units in the Vidyalayas.
�.                It was resolved that non-teaching staff may be deputed for training as scouters/guiders, if they are interested.

Enough information regarding activities, programs and circulars can be visited on website www.kvsbsg.blogspot.com
f) One scouter and one guider from all KVs will attend scouters/guiders meet during July,2012 at 10:00 AM as per the schedule given below S.No.
Venue& Date
Name of Districts of whichthe KVs will attend the meeting
All KVs of North District (Srinagar) and Centre District (Jammu)
All the District Chief Commissioners, District Commissioners, Organizing Commissioners, Training Commissioners will attend this meeting
All KVs of South District (Jalandhar) and East District(Dharamshala)
All the District Chief Commissioners, District Commissioners, Organizing Commissioners, Training Commissioners will attend this meeting
The Principals of the concerned Vidyalayas will make necessary arrangements to make this meeting fruitful.
                        It was emphasized that re-imbursement of the expenditure made on the conduct of Cluster/ Regional/ State/ National level activities held at their Vidyalayas should be submitted along with original vouchers/ bills with in one month after the completion of the activity.

l) It was decided that the following Vidyalayas will prepare Band Party so that the same may be sent to display their talent in the Rallies and Jamborrees. The KVs selected for this purpose are‐ KV No 1, Jalandhar, No1 Amritsar, No1 Adampur,No1Pathankot, No 1 Jammu and No1 Udhampur.
m). Sh. Jang. S. Verman, TGT (AE), KV No.1 Jammu will co‐ordinate the Scouting &Guiding activities at Regional Level.
The meeting came to end with a Vote of Thanks to the Chair

PART‐I Post & Address
Sh. P.K. Koul, Deputy Commissioner, KVS (JR)
Divisional Commissioner
Sh. Somit Srivastav, Asstt Commissioner, KVS (JR)
Dy Divisional Commissioner
Sh. Jang S. Verman,TGT(Art Edu.) K.V. No.1, Jammu.
Divisional Organizing Commissioner (Scout)
Smt. Anju Jamwal, PRT K.V Bantalab
Divisional Organizing Commissioner (Guide)
Smt. Nimi Koul, PRT, K.V. Nagrota
Divisional Training Commissioner (G)
Sh. Sanjay Nagar, PRT(Mus) KV, Miran Sahib
Divisional Training Commissioner (S)‐I
Sh. A.S. Gill, Principal, K.V. No.3, Amritsar
District Chief Commissioner–South
Smt. Sushma Thapar, Principal K.V.Bantalab.
District Chief Commissioner – Centre
Smt. MeenaKulshrestha, Principal, KV 1, Chamera
District Chief Commissioner –East
Sh. Pawan Kumar Beduye, Principal KV No 1 Srinagar
District Chief Commissioner –North
Sh. Ashok Kumar, Principal, K.V. Nangalbhur
District Commissioner (S) –South
Sh. B.L.Marodia, Principal KV Miransahib
District Commissioner (S) –Centre
Sh. Randhir Singh, Principal KV Dharamshala
District Commissioner (S) –East
Sh. T Prabhudasa, Principal KV 2 Srinagar
District Commissioner (S) –North
Smt. Usha Shamender, Principal KV Sunjuwan
District Commissioner (G) –Centre
Smt. S. Dogra, Principal KV Samba
District Commissioner (G) –North
Smt. T.P. Kaur, Principal KV No 3, Pathankot
District Commissioner (G) –East
Smt. Kusum Malhotra, Principal KV 1, Amritsar
District Commissioner (G) –South
Sh. Chandresh Kumar,PGT(Hindi), K.V. No.3,Srinagar.
District Training/Org. Commissioner (S) –North
Sh. Joginder Lal, PRT, KV 1, Jammu
District Training Commissioner (S) –Centre
Sh. Himmat Singh TGT(SST) KV 2, Adampur
District Training Commissioner (S)‐South
Sh. Rajinder Badkulia, TGT (Skt), KV Kathua
District Training Commissioner (S) –East
Smt. Rajni Gupta, TGT(PHE), KV 3, Jalandhar
District Training Commissioner (G)‐South
Ms. Seema Hada, PRT(Music), KV3, Srinagar
District Training/Org. Commissioner (G) –North
Ms. Kanchan, Librarian KV 2 Udhampur
District Training Commissioner (G)‐Centre
Smt. Nisha Gupta, TGT(PHE), KV Banikhet
District Training Commissioner (G)‐East
Sh. N.S.Chib TGT(PHE), KV Sunderbani
District Organizing Commissioner (S)‐ Centre
Smt. Surinder Jalota, Lady SM, TGT (Eng), KV 4,Jalandhar
District Organizing Commissioner (S)‐ South
Sh. G.R. Jaryal,TGT, KV 2, Chamera
District Organizing Commissioner (S)‐East
Smt. Reena Verma, TGT(Hindi), K.V.No.2, Jammu
District Organizing Commissioner (G)‐ Centre
Smt. Rama Mehta, TGT (PHE), KV DBN, Shikar
District Organizing Commissioner (G)‐South
Smt. Parminder Kour, PRT, KV 1, Chamera
District Organizing Commissioner (G)‐East
Sh. Subhash Anand, TGT(Art.Edu.) KV Damana
District Secretary‐Centre
Smt. Sanjog Mishra, PRT, KV 1, Srinagar
District Secretary‐North
Ms. Gulshan PRT Nangalbhur
District Secretary‐South
Sh. J.R.Choudhary, TGT(Skt), KV 2, Chamera
District Secretary‐East
Sh. Kishore Kumar,TGT(Skt). KV1, Jammu
District Counselor
Sh. Raju ,UDC, KVS (RO), Jammu.


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